Mentoring Activities

Master Thesis

Claudia Ofelio from University of Barcelona (Spain) at the Institute of Marine Research (IIM-CSIC) (Spain)May – Aug. 2011. Title: Study of the factors affecting seahorse Hippocampus guttulatus juvenile development.

Jarintzin Mones from Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo (Mexico) at the Institute of Marine Research (IIM-CSIC) (Spain)Jul. – Sep. 2010. Title: Evaluation of the copepod Pseudodiaptomus euryhalinus and Tisbe monoxota as live food for seahorse juveniles Hippocampus guttulatus.

Juan Pablo Álvarez from University of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico) at the Institute of Marine Research (IIM-CSIC) (Spain)Jul. – Aug. 2009. Title: Proximate biochemical composition and enzymatic activities in eggs of farmed seahorses Hippocampus guttulatus and H. hippocampus.

Bachelor Thesis

Ismael Fernández, University of Vigo (Spain). Jan. – Sep. 2018. Title: Estudio de las especies de macroalgas invasoras en la costa gallega.

Alex Paltrinieri, from Scuola di Agraria e Medicina Veterinaria (Italy) at the Institute of Marine Research (IIM-CSIC) (Spain). Aug. – Nov. 2013. Title: Use of probiotics in seahorse rearing, effects of introduction of the Lactobacillus rhamnosus in the diet of juveniles of Hippocampus guttulatus.

Beto Junior from Universidade Federal de São Carlos (Brazil) at the Institute of Marine Research (IIM-CSIC) (Spain). Jun. – Aug. 2013. Title: The effects of temperature on growth and survival of Seahorse (Hippocampus guttulatus).

Rachel Murphy from Portsmouth University (England) at the Institute of Marine Research (IIM-CSIC) (Spain). Jun. – Sep. 2012. Title: Feeding behavior in early development of juveniles of the long snouted seahorse, Hippocampus guttulatus.

Vanessa Urrea from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia) at the Institute of Marine Research (IIM-CSIC) (Spain). Jul. – Aug. 2010. Title: Research and teach culture and reproductive aspects of captive seahorses.

Undergraduate students

Supervision of the university practices in Aquaculture techniques to undergraduate students of the University of Vigo. 8 Undergraduate students. Jul. 2009 – Jul. 2013: