Peer-reviewed journal publications

Short-term variation of abundance of the purple sea urchin, Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck, 1816), subject to harvesting in northern Portugal (2018). Authors: Bertocci, I, A Blanco, J Nuno-Franco, S Fernández-Boo, F Arenas. Marine Environmental Research. Vol. 141. p: 247-254. IF: 3.16

Ontogeny of digestive enzymatic capacities in juvenile seahorses Hippocampus guttulatus fed on different live diets (2016). Authors: Blanco, A, FJ Moyano, M Planas. Aquaculture Research. Vol. 47(11). p: 3558-3569. IF: 1.38

Mouth Growth and Prey Selection in Juveniles of the European Long‐snouted Seahorse, Hippocampus guttulatus (2015). Authors: Blanco, A, M Planas. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society. Vol. 46(6). p: 596-607. IF: 0.73

Implications of physical key factors in the early rearing of the long-snouted seahorse Hippocampus guttulatus (2014). Authors: Blanco, A, A Chamorro, M Planas. Aquaculture. Vol. 433, p: 214-222. IF: 1.88

Isolation and molecular identification of the scuticociliate Porpostoma notata Moebius, 1888 from moribund reared Hippocampus hippocampus (L.) seahorses, by amplification of the SSU rRNA gene sequences (2013). Authors: Ofelio, C, A Blanco, A Roura, J Pintado, S Pascual, M Planas. Journal of Fish Diseases. Vol. 37 (12), p: 1061–1065. IF: 2.01; Cited: 6. 

Temperature-induced changes of growth and survival in the early development of the seahorse Hippocampus guttulatus (2012). Authors: Planas, M, A Blanco, A Chamorro, S Valladares, J Pintado. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. Vol. 438, p: 154-162. IF: 1.87

First observations of conjoined twins in newborn seahorses, Hippocampus guttulatus Cuvier (2012). Authors: Blanco, A, P Quintas, M Planas. Journal of Fish Diseases. Vol. 35, p: 705-708. IF: 2.01

Biochemical responses of Mytilus galloprovincialis as biomarkers of acute environmental pollution caused by the Don Pedro oil spill (Eivissa Island, Spain) (2011). Authors: Sureda, A, A Box, S Tejada, A Blanco,  J Caixach, S Deudero. Aquatic toxicology. Vol. 101, p: 540-549. IF:3.45 

Differences in δ13C and δ15N stable isotopes in the pearly razorfish Xyrichtys novacula related to the sex, location and spawning period (2010). Authors: Box, A, S Deudero, A Blanco, M Grau, F Riera. Journal of Fish Biology. Vol. 76 (10), p: 2370-2381. IF: 1.66

Effects of the invasive macroalga Lophocladia lallemandii on the diet and trophism of Pinna nobilis (Mollusca: Bivalvia) and its guests Pontonia pinnophylax and Nepinnotheres pinnotheres (Crustacea: Decapoda) (2010). Authors: Cabanellas-Reboredo, M, S Deudero, S Tejada, A Blanco. Scientia Marina. Vol. 74 (1), p: 101-110. IF: 1.14

Interaction between the invasive macroalga Lophocladia lallemandii and the bryozoan Reteporella grimaldii at seagrass meadows: density and physiological responses (2009). Authors: Deudero, S, A Blanco, A Box, G Mateu-Vicens, M Cabanellas-Reboredo, A Sureda. Biological invasions. Vol. 12, p: 41-52. IF: 2.59 

Diet and physiological responses of Spondyliosoma cantharus (Linnaeus, 1978) to the Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea invasion (2009). Authors: Box, A, S Deudero, A Sureda, A Blanco, P Alos, J Terrados, AM Grau, F Riera. Journal of  Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. Vol. 380, p: 11-19. IF: 1.87

Muscle and scale isotopic offset of three fish species in the Mediterranean Sea: Dentex dentexArgyrosomus regius and Xyrichtys novacula (2009). Authors: Blanco, A, S Deudero, A Box. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. Vol. 23 (15), p: 2321-2328. IF: 2.25 

Stable isotope fractionation in the digestive gland, muscle and gills tissues of the marine mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis (2009). Authors: Deudero, S, A Blanco,  M Cabanellas-Reboredo, S Tejada. Journal of  Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. Vol. 368 (2), p: 181-188. IF: 1.87

Stable-isotope signatures (δ13C and δ15N) of different tissues of Pinna nobilis Linnaeus, 1758 (Bivalvia): isotopic variations among tissues and between seasons (2009). Authors: Cabanellas-Reboredo, M, S Deudero, A Blanco. Journal of Molluscan Studies. Vol. 75 (4), p: 343-349. IF: 1.36

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Integrated multitrophic aquaculture: Filter feeders bivalves as efficient reducers of wastes derived from coastal aquaculture assessed with Stable Isotope Analyses (2011). Authors: Deudero, S, A Tor, C Alomar, JM Valencia, P Sarriera, A BlancoAquaculture and the Environment - A Shared Destiny, Barbara Sladonja (Ed), ISBN: 978-953-307-749-9. 

Non Peer-reviewed journal publications:

Contribution to the knowledge of the molluscs communities associated with Caulerpal meadow in Mallorca (2007). Authors: Box A, S Deudero, G Pons, A Blanco, P Sarriera, M Cabanellas-ReboredoBolletí de la Societat d'Història Natural de les Balears. Vol 50, p: 115-125. 

The pearly razorfish (Xyrichthys novacula) in the marine protected area of Freus d'Eivissa i Formentera: the effect of the spatial protection (2009). Authors: Box, A, AM Grau, A Blanco, F Riera.  Bolletí de la Societat d'Història Natural de les Balears. Vol. 52, p: 193-201.