Research Projects

- "Algae-to-MArket Lab IdeAs: Adding value to invasive seaweeds of the Iberian northwest" (AMALIA). Jan. 2017- Dec. 2018. Funding: Co-FUND Europe. PI: Marco Lemo. Participation: Post-doc research Assistant. Amount: 465.138,00 €

- "Innovation and valorization of seafood products: meeting local challenges and opportunities". (INSEAFOOD - one of the three research lines of INNOVMAR project). 2016-2018. Funding: NORTE 2020 and FEDER. PI: Luisa Valente (PI INNOVMAR: Vítor Vasconcelos. Participation: Post-doc research Assistant. Amount: 4.269.257,45€

- "Desarrollo de recursos educativos digitales para la eneñanza de Física-Química, Biología-Geología y Tecnología en Educación Primaria Obligatoria, Secundaria Obligatoria y Bachillerato”. Jan-Dec 2016. Funding: Funación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología and Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. PI: Dr. Carmen Bao. Participation: Dissemination Manager. Amount: 32.331,16 €

- “Rearing and breeding of the long-snouted seahorse Hippocampus guttulatus, Proyecto Hipporearing”Jun. 2010-Dec. 2012. Funding: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. PI: Dr. Miquel Planas. Participation: Pre-doctoral grant JAE-Pre (CSIC). Amount: 72.600,00 €

- “Fauna Marina protexida: Producción de xuvenis de cabaliño de mar Hippocampus guttulatus como ferramenta para a conservación da biodiversidadeJun. 2009-Dec. 2012. Funding: Xunta de Galicia. PI: Dr. Miquel Planas. Participation: Pre-doctoral grant JAE-Pre (CSIC). Amount: 19.952,50

- “Reduction of the eutrophication impact associated to multitrophic integrated aquaculture cages: Stable Isotopes Analysis of marine organisms”Jun. 2008-Jun. 2009. Funding: Government of the Balearic Islands. PI: Dr. S. Deudero. Participation: Research Assistant. Amount: 8.750,00 €

- “Formative management of Solid Waste in Guatemala” Jan. 2008-Jan. 2009. Funding: ‘V cooperation grants’ Cooperation Project of the University of Balearic Islands. PI: Dr Bernat Sureda. Participation: Environmental teacher a, assessment and training during 42 days in Guatemala. Amount: 7.000,00 €

- “Effects of the pollution of benthic organisms associated to the sinking of the Don Pedro ship”Sept. 2007-Apr. 2008. Funding: Council of Agriculture and Fisheries. Government of the Balearic Islands. PI: Dr. S. Deudero. Participation: Sample collection and analysis. Amount: 4.350,00 €

- “Population study and the effect of the application of fishing ban on the razor-fish in Ibiza and Formentera”Jun. 2007-Jun. 2008. Funding: General Fishing Direction of the Govern de les Illes Balears. PI: Dr. A. Box. Participation: Fishing campaign and sample collection. Amount: ---

- “Aplication of biomarkers on Mytillus galloprovincialis as a tool for chemical pollutant assesment in the Balearic coasline”Jun. 2007-Dec. 2007. Funding: Special Action by the Innovation Council of the Government of the Balearic Island.  PI: Dr. S. Deudero. Participation: Technical Assistance. Amount: 17.234,00 €

- “Faunal communities associated to Caulerpa spp. and Posidonia oceanica meadows in the Mediterranean Sea. Analisis of the trophic net assessed by Stable Isotopes Analysis on marine organisms”Oct. 2006-Jun. 2007. Funded: Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. PI: Dr. S. Deudero. Participation: Coordinator. Amount: 2.880,00 €

- “Pilot-Whale. Cetaceans: key awareness and protection of the marine environmentApr. 2006. Funding: Institute of Coastal Ecology. PI: Dr. Cristian Gomis and Ana Codina. Participation: Volunteer - Count and identification of Pilot whale. Amount: 39.409,79 €

- “Invasive macroalgae in the Balearic Islands: evaluation of risks and effects on benthic communities”. Sept. 2006-Jun. 2007. Funding: Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). PI: Dr. J. Terrados. Participation: Technical assistance - UIB Research Assistant Grant (Dr. S. Deudero). Amount: 128.000,00 €

- Caulerpa prolifera, C. taxifolia, C. racemosa spreading in the Spanish Mediterranean coast: clonal dynamics, production and product destiny”Oct. 2004-Jun. 2005. Funding: Mediterranean Insitute of Advance Studies (IMEDEA-CSIC/UIB). PI: Dr. N. Marbà. Participation: UIB student collaborating grant (Dr. S. Deudero). Amount: 50.000,00 € 

- “Study of the coastal marine communities of Palma city and development of a dissemination tool on the Internet of the fauna and flora of the Balearic Sea”Oct. 2004-Dec.2004. Funding: Palma de Mallorca City Hall. PI: Dr. S. Deudero. Participation: UIB student collaborating Grant. Amount: 3.005,00 €

- “Surveillance network of Posidonia oceanica meadows in the Balearic IslandsJun. 2004-Jun. 2005. Funding: Project 'Monitoirng and Managing of European Seagrass Ecosystems' and LIFE-Posidonia. PI: Antoni M. Grau. Participation: Sample collection, counting abundance and density. 

 - Volunteer as Environmental Technician in Galicia. Mar. 2003. Participation: Galician beach status and coastal management after the oil spill from the Prestige.